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Life Corp. Emergency Oxygen, 6 & 12lpm, Poratable, Life-SoftPac


Product Description

  • LIFE®SoftPac is a great companion to your AED to provide emergency oxygen to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation or continued supplemental oxygen after successful defibrillation
  • Emergency Oxygen unit is lightweight at 6 lbs for easy portability and frequent carrying, perfect for onsite industrial and office workplace first-aid and safety programs.
  • Delivers both the regulatory minimum of 6 LPM for “General” emergency situations, and 12 LPM to deliver the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen in “Extreme” emergency situations, with just two simple settings which read “NORM and HIGH”
  • Includes a LIFE® CPR Mask for administration of supplemental oxygen to a breathing victim with a one-way valve for “mouth to mask” resuscitation to a non-breathing victim, which conforms to both ADULT and CHILD face sizes & shapes.
  • 40 minute supply of 250 liters of oxygen, full of O2 ready-to-use
  • Lightweight – Only 6 lbs with a wall-mount hook for easy access and comfortable handle and shoulder strap for carrying
  • Constant Reading Supply Gauge with simple full-to-empty symbols to always know supply on hand
  • Inhalator to administer supplemental oxygen to a breathing victim, and Resuscitator for oxygen enriched rescue breathing for a non-breathing victim, with LIFE® CPR Mask and one-way valve, fits adult & child
  • Easy Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) cylinder oxygen supply
  • Unit can be turned on-off at any time for testing or working demonstration
  • Oxygen supply is safe, stable, does not expire, and provides full oxygen delivery at all temperatures

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