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FANNY PACK RESPONDER KIT, HART, basic essentials for first responders
HART Trauma Kits HART offers a range of fully stocked trauma kits, designed to meet the needs of emergency, occupational and sports health care professionals. These kits contain a wide assortment of emergency products including items for dressing wounds, gloves, wipes, EMT scissors, instant cold packs, CPR mask and more. Fanny Pack Responder Kits come stocked with more than 25 different items, this kit contains the basic essentials for the first responder packed in a convenient durable, bright red nylon fanny pack. Great in combination with HART First Aid Stations. Contents: 3 Abdominal/Pressure Pad, dressing, 5" x 9" 16 Adhesive bandages, HART, sheer, 1" x 3" 4 Adhesive bandages, HART, ex-large, plastic 6 Adhesive bandages, HART, fingertip, elastic 6 Adhesive bandages, HART, knuckle, elastic 1 Adhesive tape, HART, 1" x 5 yd spool 1 Booklet, "First Aid Guide" 1 CPR face shield, single use 2 Cold pack, HART, instant, single use 1 Elastic bandage, 3", with clips 1 Eye Clean, HART, irrigation solution, 4 oz 2 Eye pads, HART, round 12 First aid & burn cream, .9 gram packet 4 Gauze pads, sterile, 2" x 2" 7 Gauze pads, sterile, 3" x 3" 2 Gloves, HART, latex, 1 pair 1 Multi-trauma dressings, 10" x 30" 1 Penlight with pupil gauge 1 Scissors, EMT, 7-1/2" 2 Sof-Adhere, sterile, 2" x 4.1 yd 1 Sof-Adhere, sterile, 3" x 4.1 yd 1 Triangular bandages, with pins, Muslin 10 Wound Wipes, HART, benzalkonium chloride

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